Sunday, 9 March 2014

Clover Tie

Hiya! ^.^
So, wow...This is the latest post i have ever posted..sorry about that. >.<
Well, anyway, i should probably get on with the new item, which is the Clover Tie, sold in Jam-Mart Clothing! ^.^
(wow, alot of comas in the sentance. o-o)
For some reason, this item REALLY looks like something that should have been nonmember.
But i reckon this item is pretty neat, even if im a girl. :P
I think i like the clover pattern and the shape of the tie. ^.^
Well, here's the Daily Explorer post!
AJHQ made the kangaroos "dance" in this video..XD
I recommend watching it. It's funny.
And here's the newest (i think?) post! ^_^
Yes AJHQ, we know, the adorable chubby pandas will be traveling far away. ;-;
Speaking of pandas, im sorry if you missed the party, but thanks to everyone who came! :3
If you missed the party, why don't you try making your own panda's only party? ^.^
And there will also be another party coming for everyone to come soon! :3
That's pretty much all, See ya later!


  1. Sorry I missed it! Pleaaase host another party!

  2. Ugh -face palm- I missed it. I do like your den though!

  3. Im at the party; getting squished by other Pandas! (im the purple panda somewhere in the middle)

    1. Oh yeah.... I saw you. Remember Cloud visited ur den? Anyway, I was there too! I'm the green panda with the orange fox hat next to Cloud

  4. I wonder if Pandas can do glitches easier once they leave........

  5. I'm that panda that's light grey with something on its chin and Sun glasses luckily I came!

  6. man..... i wasnt on.... :,( i am very sad.... but i will have my own panda party :D



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