Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Clover Tubes

Hey jammers! Today's new item is sold in Sunken Treasures, the clover tubes. 
 I like this item for some reason. ^.^ 
Perhaps you could make a clover tube garden in your underwater den, or perhaps just use it has a cute little decoration. C:
Oh wait a second there.. Is that..
WE SHALL CELEBRATE! :D There hasn't been a nonmember item in...Well, there hasn't been one in ages! :o
Im really happy for the nonmembers. C: 
Anyway, here's the Daily Explorer post about the Monday rare! ^.^
AJHQ just keeps coming up with better and better pictures for the RIM..
And that's a pretty nice outfit with the deer in my opinion, perhaps you should try it out? ^.^
Anyway..Kinda uninteresting post..hmm, what can i add?
Well, how about a Daily Mystery? ^.^
Why are there no alphas for the Diamond Shop animals?
Did something happen to the alphas?
Or did they not have any alphas in the first place?
Feel free to write a story or share your opinion. ^.^ Happy Jamming!


  1. Maybe that giant artic wolf is a alpha O.O
    The ccclover tubes are nonmember? Supercalifrageristicespialidocius!
    did i get that right? XDD
    P.S. Cloudy you deserve a giant chocolate cake

    1. Wow, that is a REALLY long word, lol. XD
      Thank you by the way. ^.^

  2. Happy nonmember item to non members Happy nonmember item to non members

  3. I went to Oklahoma's Aquarium this morning, at 10! :3
    HEY! Underwater lovers, clover tubes will bring you good luck. *Bows down*
    Mehehehehehe. Me he he HE o.O. Still not working? Me he he he he HAHAHAHA
    My power is awesome!!!! GO LAUGHING POWERZ!

    Beautiful art. :) CAN'T WAIT TILL SPRING, FOR THE HORRIBLE FAT UGLY SCHOOL TO BE OVER! Is there an arctic wolf alpha? I wonder... there hasn't been news about a lion, arctic wolf, snow leopard, cheetah, kangaroo, or eagle alpha! Diamond shop animals are important too ya know! >:T

  4. Here's my story!

    Anya studied the crumbled arctic wolf statue. Small pools of dew trickled down its sides, making it sparkle like the frozen pond in Jamaa. "There has to be an explanation....." Anya muttered half to herself. Looking up, she met her gaze to the silver statue before her. Then her eyes narrowed to tiny slits, bitterness forming into her beady eyes. "We are mystical animals. Why treat us like this? Why do we not deserve our alpha statues? This is no sign of respect....." grumbling, Anya let her wings droop to the crystal-patched ground, ignoring the dust as it piled up on her chocolate-white feathers. After a few moments of silent, Anya kicked the doors open, walking out of the diamond shop. Above her head the enormous star showered down rays upon Jamaa Township. Noise filled the air, animals enjoying their peaceful lives. Sighing, Anya prepared her flight. Spreading her wings far apart, she sheathed her golden talons. Taking off, she let the cool wind carry her away to the ancient Canyons, where her nest lay.

    :D Just a really short story!

  5. Maybe the diamond animals are outsiders of Jamaa, and that's why they're rarer?


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