Friday, 28 March 2014

April Fools Party and other stuff.

Hiya jammers! ^.^
I have searched every single shop in Jamaa.. However, today's item seems to be non-existent for now.
Im predicting it will come out later a few hours later. ^.^
I won't be able to post about the item as soon as possible if it does come though, its about 9 o'clock in the night here so i will be going to bed after i post.
Anyway, i thought i would do a contest once i get 65 followers, and i might be doing something on my blog called The Animals Of Jamaa. Its basically where i post about an particular animal on Animal Jam. I will also post about their alphas! ^.^ 
What do you think of The Animals Of Jamaa so far? C:
Anyway, the first April Fools party this year was on yesterday! :D
Here are the new items in the shop, the credit goes to The Animal Jam Sky Blog for the pictures.
That cheeseburger sure looks yummy. :D
My favorite so far has GOT to be the cheeseburger. XD
Whats your favorite April Fools item so far? ^.^
Well, moving off to another subject, i have noticed some things in Jamaa that would become pawsome new features. Here are some! C:
 In Jam-Mart Furniture, there's tons of items that have not been released in the shop. If you get a good look around, you'll understand what i mean.
For example, i think these vases would make a great and Jamaasian item! :D
There's also lots of other things.. Like that pile of pillows. ^.^
There's a shelf in Flippers N' Fins that has food and aquarium decorations.
I think it would be PAWSOME if we could create an aquarium for our own underwater pets! :D
And it also could become a new shop like the Pet shop, but for underwater creatures only. ^.^
What other things have you noticed in Jamaa that you think would be cool new features?
Anyway, i will be now doing a raffle, you won't win anything though. Its just for fun. :)
Pick a number between 1 and 50! :D
Well anyway, that's all for today, jammers! ^.^


  1. 28!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD and the idea sounds GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. i have got some sad news:( super sad for me
    I LOST MY AJ MEMBERSHIP! my perents say they didnt do anything and now i know why but i dont want to say anything about it but AJHQ couldnt keep my membership up well anyway i dont really like the april fools party becouse i had to relode and when i did... thats when i lost my membership

    but other than that ... i love the party ! its really cool its almost the same as last years well it is the same my favoret item is the tux the spoted tux is cool even tho im a girl well anyway... yeah at least before my membership ran out i had all the items from the party that where member they wont do me much good untill i get my membership renewed but hopefully i get the one for a year that comes with 60 diamonds but yeah thats all my news for today and 7 cuz its mah fav numbuh ( numbuh means number btw) anyway i probly wont get another member ship until my birthday but yeah i hope i get the membership between this month and the 2 after


  3. I love the poka dot tuxedo out of all the items! =^_^=
    I don't really have a liking for the hamburger, because of the unmatched horrible colors. THIS IS ON MY OPINION Y'ALL! But hopefully AJHQ will create new April Fool Party items. :) The new clothing item there is that cheddar hat, I think that's what it's called.

    You always make your posts so darn interesting Clouds, I gotta hand it to ya. x3
    In Jam-Mart-Furniture the unsold un existing items might be sold in the future! You never know......... And the items in Flippers N' Fins should be pet habitats or toys and extras like we have for our land pets! Wouldn't that be cool? :DDD
    Like the jars, that tiny castle model, the treasure, the pots, the bowl, the little underwater plants, JUST THINK ABOUT IT! O-O

    MAI NUMBER IS 50. Lolz xD

  4. Hey cloud if you go to the Chamber Of Knowledge you notice the shadows of the telescopes i glanced closely and i saw a head and two arms!! If you notice it take a snapshot and put it on your blog :D -sparkle08732

  5. im gonig check out the glitched and stuff :3

  6. I have a story its called The Jammer That Saved Jamma
    One day two jammers where walking togethjer they where roomates so they went hope and up appeared phantom cages everywhere and a orange crystal they noticed it was called a "lava crystal" they glared at the phantoms the phantoms kept whispering GO TO THE BASE CAMP... they kept saying so they went they saw liza weeping and asked "whats wrong?" She stared at them weeping then said softly "Help us... please your our only hope.." They siddenly got teleported to a adventure they where wondering they saw lava crystals and phantoms everywhere they did there best saving jamaa they plugged corks in the rishing phantom water and saved those nasty-looking plants and chompers suddenly everything went faint the plant turned black the chompers black the phantoms had red eyes every jammer in jamaa was attacking them they swiftly ran and ran as fast as there hearts could take them they scream "MIRA!!!!" mira came and didnt say a word she swooped and grabbed them and explained then they where safe she landed them on a tree when a possesed money came up in it i kicked it down i saw a chomper that was normal i ran and grabbed it it chomped up all the phantoms the jammers went back to normal "WE SAVERD JAMAA" we both thought until the phantomking came we attacked with all out might and defeated him we both said in a gasp "What kind of adventure was that?"


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