Saturday, 15 March 2014

Clover Skirts Return

Hiya Jammers! ^.^
Today's returning item is the Clover Skirt, sold in Bahari Bargins.
This is a quite nice item, and it would also make a good outfit with the clover trident. C:
In fact, it seems as if every clover-themed item goes well with anything else the same theme! :P
And i had to say that this item looks really cute on octopus.
It looks just like a little ballerina. ^.^
Meanwhile, it seems like the Nesting Graham Doll has also returned to stores!
I knew they would return! :D
Now i am 100% certain AJHQ deleted them by accident. :P
But everyone makes accidents...right??
Anyway, diamond shop animals are also now in the claw! ^.^
Yaaaaaayy! :D
Too bad they're soooo hard to get. DX
But who knows, you might be lucky enough to get one! :3
Well, anyway, i have decided to change my profile picture, but im not sure whether to stick with the old one or change it..
So, here's my current one viewed from the comments:
And this is my new one:
Hmm, so which one looks better..?
That's wall for today jammers!
Cya! ^.^


  1. I was chatting with them on Twitter, and they said they released it in error, so they did intend to release now and delete it then.

    1. Ohhh ok. :D
      Thanks for letting me know. :3

  2. hey cloud it me sparkle08732 i am switching accounts to a character named dawnypaw thats it username so yeah just letting you know! ^.^ ~sparkle08732 or ~dawnypaw

    1. Alright. :)
      I like the username. ^.^

  3. i TOTALLY like the new profil pic better :D the one with the panda on the wall XD


  4. I love your blog! I like both the profile pics... but the current one is better in my opinion.

    Please visit my blog!


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