Saturday, 8 March 2014

Yet Another Absouloutly Awesome Update.

Hey jammers! ^.^
Last week, there was a great update on the Jamaa Journal, so lets start of with the first page! :)
Yay! :3
Im really happy for the nonmembers! Its so nice to see AJHQ allowing nonmembers to do more things. ^_^
Hmm, i wonder if they will also make a adventure nonmember? C:
Speaking of adventures, a brand new adventure will be coming to Jamaa soon..
So what has become of Greely..?
Is he dead? Alive? Or had he got captured by the phantoms?
Oh boy, i absolutely love it when a new adventure is coming. ^.^
Since eagles have come to explore Jamaa's skies, a new shop just for eagles has opened! :D
Awesome! :3 
Kinda sad its for eagles only though..
But, a weird thing is, after the update, a really strange glitch happened that let land animals access the skies of Coral Canyons! :O
Sadly the glitch has been removed now. ;-;
But since i got to fly, here's the items! :)
Wow! Those are some really awesome items. ;)
But how come one is nonmember when eagles are members-only..?
Perhaps AJHQ is going to make flying animal for nonmembers? ^.^
Speaking of animals, pandas are (sadly) now travelling..
 Aww, i really will miss them. D:
Well, im going to be throwing a panda-only party in my den, between 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM AJR time, perhaps earlier. I hope you can make it! ^_^
Meanwhile, there are some great new items at the lucky party! ;)
For some reason, the saying "keep your eyes peeled" freaks me out a little..
Aaand of course, ze new item!
 Yaaay, i can finally finish my outfit i was going to show you! :D
You like? :3
That's pretty much all for today, happy jamming! ^.^
P.S Should this siggie my my permanent one? :3


  1. du outfit is cute :D


  2. Congrats on first comment! You earn: taco
    Derpy Hooves >:3
    I'm a choose a cool look for my seahorse when I get another one. The colors are so fascinating, I couldn't decide! SUCH A DIFFICULT CHOICE.
    I'm pretty sure rude Greely is alive. He's a good character! Why would AJHQ make him a dead magic man? My point!
    I'm really close on getting an eagle! =D
    I'm frustrated AJ removed the once-in-a-life-time glitch.
    I'm a burn with JEALOUSY!
    There might be a chance of eagles turning into non-member soon!
    Keep your hopes high, Cloudzers!

    We have until March 20th. Plenty a time!
    Sadly the gummy bears are traveling with the pandas, too.
    *Throws popcorn at the AJHQ workers standing on the stage, blocking the gummy bear movie*
    I'll try to make it your awesome partay!

    The peeling eye things makes me think of horror scenes.
    I wuvs your Leprechaun outfito!

    Have a lucky paw full a clovers, and eat yo popcorn!
    :3 !~ilovecutechihuahuas~!


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