Monday, 3 March 2014

Rare Blanket

Hey jammers!
Today's fantastic Monday Rare is sold in Jam-Mart Clothing, the Rare Blanket! ^.^
I never really care about Monday Rares, But i have to say that this one has some pawsome colors. C:
Speaking of rares, has anyone noticed how these rares don't actually become "rare?"
But, i mean, how come the RIM's don't actually become truly rare? They are only available for one day, and then they're never sold again. 
Anyway, here's a cute, but very simple outfit i made using today's rare. ^-^
Nonmembers can use an old blanket that matches the colors. :)
And here's the Daily Explorer Post!
Hmm...I think my favorite is Sky High or Falling Phantoms.
Swoopy Eagle is a close second though. :D
What are yours? ^.^
Happy jamming!


  1. Well if you wait long enough, they do become rare.

  2. that is depends on the rare


  3. Colorful colors :3
    Here are some of my favorite Monday rares:

    Fox hats, Jamaaliday top hats, Aviator hat, Spiked hair, Cupcake hat, Real musketeer boots, and more! ^w^

    That's a cute bunny outfit you made :o
    I rate it 9/10. I like how the colors match, and the blue heart locket :)
    (Correct me if it's green XD)

    My favorite Sol Arcade game is Jamaa Derby! Racers get ready, on your marks, GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:D I <3 racing!

    ~ Eat a cupcake, drink a smoothie, and haz a nice day!!! ~
    :3 > ilovecutechihuahuas <

  4. This website is awesome but the only correction that i think u should work on would probably be grammar. Just sayin'!! Love- Goldenminer48 ( that's my aj user if u want to buddy me!) =^.^= kitty face!!!! LOL


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