Monday, 17 March 2014

Rare Lucky Tuxedo

Hiya Jammers! I added a glitches page since many of you said to add it. ^.^
People also wanted a something about plushies, but i couldn't fully understand what they where about..
Could you guys explain more, please? ^.^
Today's neat Rare Item Monday in the rare lucky tuxedo! bit on the pricey side. o.o
Which reminds me, why is this item sold in Jam-Mart Clothing and not in Epic wounders..?
Well, anyway, this rare might seem a bit boring at first, but you can actually make some pawsome outfits with it!
Meanwhile, here's the Daily Explorer post about the RIM.
That's a very cute picture witht he Snow Leopard. :3
I love reading the facts about the RIM, don't you?
That's all for now, see you later!


  1. i was wondering if u can like umm do a plushie series? PLEASE


  2. Can you show us your Plushie collection please? Like wolf plushies first or whatever's YOU know LOL anyway it's like a plushie seris oh wait it is :3 -dawnypaw

  3. Hi cloudy I can't click the glitches page im on my kindle -spams glitch page- seems like it is actually glitch :( I WANNA CLICK IT well there's rant for today and I like the rare I can make a cute outfit on my MEMBER..... -dawnypaw

  4. Can someone plz get me an extra rare as soon as i get back i will trade another rare for it?
    Happy lucky day!
    Live,laugh,and love huskies

  5. There is a " Rare Lucky Tuxedo Gem Glitch " . They cost 1,950. They sell for 7,950. People ( Including me ) are making profit. Why would AJHQ make them sell for so much? A mistake? All I know is I'm enjoying my 4.5million gems i got from this " Glitch "

  6. oh yay im in the featured comenters :DDDD

  7. well heres a story about greely ^.^ : All the jammers soon forgot about greely and soon went on to well.. jamming! But the alphas worried and worried they yearned where he went.. Lize said "We have to do something!" Sir Gilbert said "WE might even need to get a new alpha!" Liza disagreed... "Alphas stay together never leave each other!" Graham said "We can never replace Greely he's one of a kind!" Peck said "We must find him!" Cosmo finally said "we have to send jammer to that volcano it may be dangerous but its worth it.." All the alphas agreed. What will happen next? Reply if you want chaper 2 ^.^

  8. im putting to many coments sorry for the spam cloudy :,c

  9. THey fixed the Rare Lucky Tux "glitch" I checked today and it said "do you want to sell this for 1,925 gems?" Well i got 504,237 gems while it still worked

    1. o srry um my sis tried 1 hour later and AJ had fixed the glich :(


  10. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:DD:D:D:D:D:D I LOVE WEBKINZ, AMAZING WORLD, AND ZOEY'S DESIGN ACADEMY :D:D:D:D:D I LOVE ANIMAL JAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. i got hacked on dawnypaw :,( they where doing innapropriate behavior i think it was because aj might've say this boy trying to date me when i dont date and he said k on the cheek i ignored aj might've thought we where dating luckily i have sparkle08732 still i dont care really hope they didnt take any items if hcked :,(- depressed dawnypaw


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