Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Clover Table

Hey jammers! :3
Today's new item is sold in the Jam-Mart Furniture shop, the Clover Table!
I have always liked this item, its a great table to invite friends and hang out a little. ^.^
I think AJHQ should also make wooden clover chairs, then they will both make a fantastic combination. C:
Meanwhile, you know how Giraffes and Rhinos where travelling..?
Well, they haven't been back for..its almost been a year now! :o
Well, AJHQ couldn't have forgotten about them, right?
When do you think they will come back..?
That's all the time i have for today, jammers. Happy jamming!


  1. Yeah... Members have been "testing" to write your own jam-a-grams for like two years now as well. .-.

  2. :O Giraffes and rinos should come back! I'll write a story about it later today, but I'm a little rushed right now.

  3. I want a giraffes so bad. I had one on my first membership.

  4. I really want the giraffes back there super cute :D!- discord030

  5. rhinos r ok but i really want a girraffe :( i became a member and was hoping 2 get one :(:(:((:(:(:(:(:((:(:(:(:(:(



    Clover chairs would make a good addition. In the business of gaming, I don't even think they can afford to forget anything. I'm assuming they're planning something big for them. Koalas were gone for a really long time before they were reintroduced to Jamaa.

  7. i think nonmembers should get to have more animals and pets. we should get to fill our switch animals thingy, and we should be able to have all the pets.members should TEST the new animals, and THEN everyone gets them if they are good. anyone agree with me?

  8. The Clover Table is pretty cool, but kinda small. Like a panda cub, ^_^
    Today is Ash Wednesday! Greet Pink20330 with a card, today's her birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hopes ya do!

    You could just call them clover chairs. :D I like your ideas, and thanks for commenting on my story. It's about time giraffes and rhinos fly back too Jamaa. They missed out a lot, New Year Party, Friendship Festival, Phantom Day, and now the Lucky Party. I so badly want to create a rhino, and I'm sooooooo close to getting an eagle! I just need 3 more diamonds.....


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