Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Clover Blanket

Hiya Jammers! ^.^
I bet today's new item would go perfectly  with the clover tie, which is the clover blanket. C:
This has always been one of my favorite nonmember items. :3
The colors are great, and it's also very detailed. ^.^
You could make some pretty pawsome outfits with this in my opinion! ^.^
Here's one for example:
Soo cute <3
And its all nonmember. :3
Hmm, well, here's the very interesting post about the Monday Rare. :P
Wow..That's an absolutely awesome and absolutely fantastic outfit! :O
Im gonna try it when i get an eagle! :D
That's pretty much all for today everyone. :)


  1. love the blanket soooooooooo much :D:D:D:D:D:D and like the pic is soooooooo cool how they did that XD


  2. Boats use it out at sea for danger and other stuff. ^°^

  3. The Clover Blanket looks adorable on bunnies c:
    Aaaaaaaaaaare ya gonna keep it? You should =3
    That is such a cool look for an eagle! :D
    I'm not trying it out. I hate being a copy-cat, copying other people's looks in Jamaa. MEOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still, pretty epic costume!

    Have a lucky pawful of clovers, and eat yo popcorn!
    :3 !~ilovecutechihuahuas~!

  4. It would be cool if aj made an kangaroo,arctic wolf,lion,cheetah,snow leopard,eagle,or deer for a sidekick plushie


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