Friday, 21 March 2014

Sailor Hat

Hiya jammers! ^.^
Sorry i didn't do the guide yesterday. I probably shouldn't plan to do things like that near the end of the week, since im very tired by then. >.<
Its morning in my time now, and i will do in tonight in my timezone, so don't worry! C:
Today's cool new item is the Sailor Hat. ^.^
At first, i never really liked this item, because it was too human-y. But then i decided they look pretty neat on turtles, so i decided to use it for my outfit! ^.^
I also think it looks good on seals. :3
It's still human-y though. :P
Yesterday's awesome new item was the Pile Of Gold! 
 If only that pile of gold was sold for 800 dollars in real life..
What? 800 dollars is not much for a HUGE pile of gold. :P
Well in my countries money, it isn't. It's still expensive though, but that pile of gold would be like, worth one million or something. :O
Hmm.. Are those alpha stones i see on the pile? ^.^
On the other hand, the Eagle Jam-A-Gram is out!
 I love how the flying eagle posed for the photo. ^_^
And the standing one looks like a phoenix! :D Maybe it is one..
Wow, kinda long post. That's all for today!


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