Sunday, 23 March 2014

Rustic Hanging Lantern

Hiya Jammers! ^.^
After ages of searching the shops for the new item i FINALLY found it, and that new item is the rustic hanging lantern, sold in Outback Imports! C:
Aww, i really wish today's item had been nonmember. ;-;
However, this item is AWESOME in my opinion! :D It just looks really cool! ^.^
I personally think this item would look great in any den, especially the Enchanted Hollow one. C:
I love how lanterns shine in the dark.. its so relaxing. :D
Meanwhile, yesterday's cute little item was the Peck Nesting doll!
Those eyes.. they look adorable. ^-^
Actually, the whole item looks adorable. XD
I can't wait for the Greely nesting doll, i wonder how he will look! :P
Anyway, have any of you jammers seen an animal walking around with a rainbow, color-changing potion? Have you ever wondered how to do it? Well, you're in luck, because i will be explaining how to do it today! :D
First of all, click red three times, and then green three times, and blue three times also.
And then, click the fire 3 times, you should end up with a greyish color. ^.^
And volia!
Your very own rainbow-colored potion. ^.^
That's all for today, cya!


  1. First comment! :D Just came back from church.

  2. I'm definitely gonna buy the Rustic Lantern, the color choices are perfect this time! Well, in my opinion. xD I'm a use it for my MUSHYROOM DEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    AJ animators are so bunny-TASTIC at drawing items for da new world to see! =3
    Don't you agree? *Buys Peck Nesting Doll*
    You can do the colors in any order, along with the fire, but do the fire last. Plus, you'll know if chu made the potion right if you hear a kind of "magical sound". Yeah, I'm pretty bad at explaining. X3

  3. Lol I came back from church 2 XD and the item is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh and thx 4 the helpful tip cloud :D


  4. Greely IS going to have to learn like to stand up like the other alphas, so would Gilbert, because they are on there paws/legs, not standing up.


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