Monday, 31 March 2014

Rare Golden Headphones

Hiya jammers! ^.^
Today's cool new rare is the Rare Golden Headphones, sold in Epic Wounders. :3
I think it would look pretty awesome with bat wings. :3
Especially the golden ones. :D
Did i mention that the DJ headset was my first member item? ^.^
This rare is a little TOO on the expensive side though, i think its the most expensive so far.
Or was it the Freedom glove..?
Meanwhile, here's the Daily Explorer post about the Great Nature Project! 
It would be AMAZING is AJ broke the record for the worlds largest photo database..
In fact, it would be awesome. :D
Anyway, im gonna do another fun raffle now! ^.^
Pick a number between 10 and 100. 


  1. AJ can't break the record. National Geographic can since it half owns the game, And there's not many photos in Jamaa.

  2. 61!!!!!!! and LOVE the rare XD


  3. Heyyy for da raffle I choose 90

  4. For the raffle i choose 77,and the Freedom Glove is the most expensive RIM by 25 gems.

  5. The Rare Golden Headphones are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
    They make really good outfits! Oh, and chu made a spell mistake. It's Epic WONDERS. Not Wounders. Meeeeeeep! =3
    I have no clue what was my first clothing item was a member. It's so confusing for me! I wonder how you remembered yours, Cloud. Did you write it down on a piece a paper for memory? :OOO
    And yes it's expensive. AJHQ should think more carefully, but since it's an Epic Wonders item, that might have been why it was pricey. Epic Wonders was made for PRICEY items *_*. Yes it was the freedom glove, I searched it on AJ Wikia saying the rare freedom glove cost for 3,000 gems.

    86!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :3
    8 = One hour before what time I woke up, which was at 9
    6 = The hour when I wake up to go to school, and I chose it cause we don't have school today. Me and my bro.


  6. hey can anyone get its for me im non member please i will buy you anything ( that is nonmember) and i will trade you a rare lei and another rare item please if so then my user is sanaban thanks to anyone who will help :)


  7. @Ronen,
    I meant AJ as in National Geographic too, but yes, it would have been more accurate to say National Geographic instead.
    Nah, i just remembered because i REALLY wanted that item back then. :3
    Jam on everyone!

  8. I'm gonna go with 31. I'd get the rare but I would only be able to wear it one day :(

  9. for the raffle imma say 57. Also i'm writing this from my new laptop!! I named it Sunny Bunny <3

  10. Let's say........... I pick 56!!!!!
    my first member item was my blue beret. I used to wear it all the time. Now I just wear my fox hat and stopped using my snow leopard.
    Don't you think animals look a bit weird on animal jam without a hat sometimes?

  11. Hmmmm?? I choose 68!!!!! Ok real comment. I agree the headphones are a little pricy. I had to play like 15000 (I'm dumbly kidding) rounds of best dressed to get a pair
    ~ BunniBear15~

  12. hey for da raffle i choose number 21

  13. Hi! I choose 73!
    Please visit


  14. It's not the most expensive. The Freedom Glove was, selling for 3,000 gems.

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