Friday, 7 March 2014

Sorry! :((

Im so sorry for not posting for the past few days! I had tons of homework to finish of, i just couldn't get the chance! >.< Anyway, let me tell you the item, shall i? :3
 It was the clover cape, sold in Bahari Bargins! ^.^
Credit goes to MisterChunkyBuddy
Im not a really big fan, but it looks nice on penguins though. :3
And as you may have noticed, i changed the blog design to the summer theme! ^.^
What do you think? Should i improve anything? :)
That's all for today, and i will post about the update soon. ^.^


  1. Yay first comment! Its ok cloud. we all are busy, well, at least I am.

    1. I agree with what Owlzzz said sometimes we are just too busy to do the blogging. Sometimes I can't even post daily ;-; But I guess we all try our best for our blogs

  2. summer? Do you mean spring? anyway, I was worried you'd left da blog for a while :( Glad you're back! :)

    1. Well, it is summer in my country and finally school is off!!

  3. Well you're two seasons away from summer but I kind of like it.

  4. Clover Capes look FAB on dolphins. Just saying :D
    Puts in some good style, too! It should have been 250 gems, NO MATTER WHAT.
    Why 450? Is that the "lucky" number of the day?

    Spring's coming up for me... I recognize your blog's new Summer background! It was early when your blog just started out. =)
    Trust me, I do remember.
    I'm too lazy to think of improvements for your blog. Plus, your blog doesn't need much improvements. Keep it up, and HAVE A GOOD DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have a lucky paw full a clovers, and eat yo popcorn!
    :3 !~ilovecutechihuahuas~!


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