Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Trapped Phantom

Hello! ^o^
Today's item is another Monthly Member Gift - the Trapped phantom! c:
Oooh nice, i have always wanted one of these. ^-^
This also comes in a square shape as well, although i prefer the circular ones. Also, wouldn't it be cool if we could have phantoms for pets? >:3
But they'd zap us . . but we can train them. >:D
Also, many jammers today didn't get a diamond . . and apparently everyone seems to be spazzing out because of it. o-o
Now saying these people are bad, but don't you think they are sorta overreacting? :O
AJHQ isn't perfect . . they probably forgot about it. :p
Most of the times i just forgot what diamond day is, so whenever i get i diamond im like: Today was diamond day?!
Hehe. :P

Anywho, the diamond shop Alphas are here! Well, at least the statues.
They're all so awesome! :D My favorite ones are Juno, Boomer and Olive. c:
Im so happy that the Diamond Shop alphas are *finally* here. c:
Before i go, here's the QOTP. ^o^
How did the Diamond Shop Alphas came? How come there weren't any Alphas before?


  1. Here is my story for how the diamond shop alphas came :) :

    Long, long ago, in a foreign land, the diamond shop animals lived peacefully together and their alphas. It was like Jamaa, just different animals. Then, one day, Lions vanished. Atlas the lion alpha was devastated. Kangaroos and snow leopards left. "What is going on?" All the remaining animals wondered. The snow parts in their town for the snow leopards and the desert like parts were becoming destroyed. Cheetahs and eagles left, and that was the end of the desert land. Hyenas and otters were the only ones left. Hyenas vanished first.. and finally, otters. What they didn't know is that their kind had been taken to jamaa by Mira's helpers to make their world complete. The animals ran to their alphas and smiled with joy when they rejoined. And that, is how diamond shop animals and alphas came to be.

  2. Juno is the roman name for the Greek goddess Hera
    Atlas is the titan that has been punsihed by holding up the sky for eternity
    It has nothing to do with alphas but I felt like stating that

  3. Err.. It's weird that their are two seal alphas, so AJHQ should really fix that... Heheheh :/
    I didn't get on AJ yet..
    Meow ~ Blueh says BAIBAI~!

  4. @ 711bebeblue:

    I think you're mistaking Hudson for being a seal Alpha. I think he's the otter Alpha. Right?

    1. Yeah Hudson is the otter alpha

  5. And now you can have phantom pets. Yay


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