Thursday, 4 September 2014

Update.. Finally!

Hey! ^o^
The update is FINALLY here . . 
But now im sleepy and tired. :I
AJHQ did it way too late. D:
The update is still great though! ^o^ Well, sorta . . 
Pet Sugar Gliders?! o-o
Really unexpected . . 
But soo cute! =^w^=
Unfortunately, they're in the Diamond Shop . . again. >.<
Look on the bright side though, at least they only cost 3 diamonds! :D
And plus, they are the most cutest, adorable animals EVER on AJ! ^o^
Anywho, moving on to the next page . . 
Yay!! :D
Finally! AJ's fourth birthday. ^-^
But still, i can't believe AJ has been this far . . I joined on October 2012. I feel so old now. xD
The cake might look pretty boring at first . . 
But, click a few pawprints and . . 
It might not be the funnest or most wacky cake, but it's still just as epic in it's own way! ^-^
The green frosting looks cool. :p
What flavor is it though? Grape? Green Apple? o-o
Moving on, there's a new armor being sold in the diamond shop. (again . . why is it always the diamond shop?)
But that armor is AWESOME! :D
So sparkly. owo
And the Egyptian items are sparkly too! :p
Im guessing it won second for the den item contest. c:
They look epic (and very sparkly)
Moving on to the next page, the Beta Party is sadly leaving . . 
"Party like it's 2010" Sounds similar to "Party like its 1999" o_O
Also, what's black and white and missing from Jamaa?
They're black . . and white! :D
And in AJ, they are oddly grey-blue and white. o-o
So many animals are leaving Jamaa these days. >.<
The summer carnival is also sadly leaving Jamaa. DX
Aww . . :c
At least the night of the phantoms is getting closer. >:3

It's past my bedtime, and i have a headache. DX
However, tomorrow i might post a story! c:
Bye for now! ^o^


  1. Anonymous meet and greet at Coolpapa70232's den or meet his creator...
    At 3:30 PM AJR time my den is already unlocked


  3. Cloud two pieces of the armor are non member! The tail and guantlets.

  4. OMG RLLY SO COOL. and ROA- ugh, its SO HARD to get mad at the Sugar Gliders being diamond cause they r SO CUTE!!!

  5. Ooh the animal is returning I thgouth an animal was coming to jamaa! COWS!!!!! And that the cake did something I was trying figure out what it did

  6. can't enter the adbirthday4 code!

  7. Yay New pets new items but I cat turn on my computer it has 'Profile Login Error' ;(

  8. im so exited for the night of the phantoms :D SOMEBODY TELL ME IF THE GAME WHERE U GET PHANTOMS R RETURNING i wuv dat game i didn't even know u got dem i didn't get a single 1 T,T


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