Sunday, 18 May 2014

Ten gallons?

Heya jammers! :D
Today's new item is the ten gallon hat, sold in Jam-Mart clothing. ^.^
It does look kinda weird just sitting there, doesn't it?
When i first saw this item, i was quite puzzled why it was called a ten gallon hat.. Isn't gallons a term for measuring water? o_o
So i searched "ten gallon hat" at Google images, and it turns out it was just another word for a cowboy hat. :P
And i have to say, it looks quite neat once you put it on an animal! ^.^
Little looks just like a cowgirl here. C:
 Feel free to use the outfit by the way. ^.^
Anyway, the eagle adventure also seems to be giving out some unreleased items, such as this purple bow. :O
Credit to EtherealComet
According to the Animal Jam Soul And Star, there was only one in existence and they used to be treated like magenta bows before they came out. They are also unrare and uncommon.
What do you think about AJHQ giving out unreleased items in the adventure?
In my opinion, I would say it's pretty cool. ^.^
On the other hand, here's the DE post about Den Portals! C:

Den portals are quite neat in my opinion, its a shame that they are members-only ... *sigh*
Perhaps AJHQ will come out with a nonmember one, i doubt it though.
Look at the part underlined in yellow though, what does Graham mean by that? O_O
To wrap things up, here's the question! :D
What would you do if you owned AJ?
It can be absolutely anything, Use your imaginations! ^.^


  1. YAY! for the first time in forever I got 1st comment on this blog. Real comment: If I owned aj I would make everything non member, a shop where you can buy diamonds, and make an endless den

  2. when i say endless I mean that it never runs out of space, I will also bring back all the betas, and redesign cysrtal sands so it has waterfalls which you can slide down instead of plastic slides. I will also make a adventure base camp den! :)

  3. SECOND IN FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay anywhay i would change the look of crystal sands, make more items nm, change the chat to normal, make more den and den items, bring back sum beta, maybe make an update once a week, make a gems exchange for diamonds, make more birds, more adventures, and make more animals for gems, and make more nm animals.


  4. 1. I like the outfit you made with that ten gallon hat! ^.^
    2. That bow and arrows that BlueStiches is wearing looks like the super rare/unreleased neon blue colored bow and arrows. .o.
    3. Well if I owned AJ, I'll definitely have more inventory space for buddies, den items, clothing items, and anything else I missed- I HATE the limited inventory spaces, it feels like I have to recycle an item almost every day now. *sighs* I'll also add more opportunities for nonmembers, such as typing in JAGs/receiving gifts/sending gifts, change colors of items, more than just 2 animals... BUT I'll let members have more opportunities than nonmembers- just nonmembers have more. c:

  5. Interesting opinions about the question, everyone. ^.^

  6. I have that bow it is called the neon bow btw

  7. OMG neon blue bow is in real existence, i want it, can someone tell me whats it worth or someone help me get it? please i just SUV it and on a side note lavender gazzelles are back and sparkles770 has them,

    1. Actually I think Sparkles had them at same time as snowyclaw.


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