Saturday, 31 May 2014

Woven Hat

Heya jammers! ^_^
Today's new item is the Woven Hat, which is sold in Jam-Mart Clothing! c:
When i was waiting for this item to load, i was NOT expecting this. o_o
I think it's a little too .... wonky?
The butterfly is a nice touch though. ^.^
And, i have to admit, it does look kinda cute ...
But of course, EVERYTHING looks cute on bunnies. :P
On the other hand, here's the DE post about koalas - sighed by .... a koala.

Once, when i visited the zoo, there where Koalas. There where two koalas that where fighting over who gets to the top of the tree first. x3
I love koalas. I wish a pet koala or something would come out on AJ .. Wouldn't that be pawsome? ^-^
Anyway, here's a tutorial on how to do a Phantom Cotton candy in the Summer Carnival! :D
Firstly, go to the Cotton Candy machine and then, select black ..
Then white.
And black - again.
And, volia! ^.^
It looks pretty pawsome, doesn't it? :3
It actually looks more like a cloud, now that i think of it. XD
To wrap it up, Here's the Mystery!
What does that flag represent?
Is there a story behind it all?
Why, and who put it up in the first place?
I would love to see all your ideas, so be sure to comment your opinions! :)
See you tomorrow! ^_^


  1. Hi again!
    My guess is that the tapestry (I guess it's a tapestry) shows that no where in Jamaa is safe, without our protector, Mira. Although she created them, she still could oppose the wrong to stop it from opposing the right.

    Everything has a moral to it. If we try hard enough to find it, it would be meaningful, I guess.

    Jam on!

    Please visit my blog:

  2. hmm... I guess I'll write a story, I haven't in a while.
    Just months after Mira had been turned to stone, the citizens of Jamaa stopped their celebration for the defeat of the Phantoms and turned instead to their beloved leader. They would gather at the place where the alphas had promised to place Mira at the top of Jamaa township every night at around sunset to sing the Jamaa anthem together.
    You can imagine how glad they were when he alphas placed Mira in the gorgeous part of Jamaa they had promised they would put her for so long. The animals still kept the fire of this tradition blazing for a long time, until jammers began to break away from the stories about the brave bird called Mira that they had loved when they were pups, and began to take more interest in items and sometimes even scamming. The Alphas noticed everything, and made an attempt to bring back the spirit. they went to work sewing, knitting and embroidering something that they hoped would bring back some of the spirit. When they were finished, they stood back to admire their finished work. There was Mira, standing tall, not flinching, against a swarm of phantoms. They hung it I the chamber of knowledge, where the truly dedicated Jamasians could still sing if they wished.

  3. Rainbow000pegasus,
    Nice theory! ^-^ I also visited your blog, it's quite cool. :)
    I love your story! :D
    You're a really talented writer. ^_^

  4. This is a great blog cloud claws!

      @Wild flower,
      Thank you! :D
      I love your user by the way. ^.^

  5. Ah, the Woven Hat really DOES look cute on bunnies (mostly all the items), aye? xD So adorable...

    Yup, it's true a koala - Cosmo, signed that DE post about koalas - since Cosmo is a koala, am I right :p?

    Woohoo! That was very nice of you to tell us (Jammers who don't know and who know) how to do the Phantom cotton candy! I always take their heads... :-). I'm innocent!

    Woah... I think I also have a story (like Rubbuddy1) about that "Mira Flag" item. Here's my story:

    It was a very peaceful place in a beautiful land called: Jamaa. Animals who lived there, were all called: Jammers, in admiration of Jamaa's culture and name.

    One day, a greedy animal named Chief Cottonghost entered Jamaa, and started to scam and hack. Mira, who was above in the skies, watching the greedy Jammer - scammer, got furious, and asked the Alphas to send him out - but that didn't stop Chief from leaving.

    The Alphas pleaded for him to leave, but the more anger came through Chief's eyes. He started to hack. Bully. And scam some more. Mira's eyes softened as he hacked, scammed and cyber-bullied. Tears streamed down from her eyes. The Alphas felt guilty for not really doing their job to stop Chief. So, they built a beautiful statue of Mira.

    Chief admired the statue much, and learned from his mistakes. He has returned many items and accounts to plenty of Jammers, and grinned as he did so.

    He imagined Mira, her eyes glaring at him in despair and anger. He really was ashamed for himself - so, he sewed a flag of Mira's beauty. With permission from the Seal Alpha, he stuck it up in The Chamber of Knowledge.

    Till then, lots of Jammers admired the flag - until it all fell apart... there is no end for this story - for the flag will someday, give back life to Jamaa.

    Yup, no end to mah story. I really didn't know what that flag was for, so I just wrote a random story with a random guy named Chief Cottonghost! Umm, yeah... happy Jamming!


  6. Hi Cloudclaws! I was wondering how did you add the "Join This Site" section? Thanks!



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